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, republicans say that it will hurt the economy for the fiscal cliff. >> if we're serious about reducing the deficit, we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> congress also has to figure out how to reduce spending on entitlements like social security, medicare. with the balance of power unchanged on capitol hill. a short-term deal that postpones the fiscal cliff appears to be the most likely scenario. >> we are going to see some temperatures with warmer weather on the way, coming up. >> san francisco make another of rest with the vandalism of a muni bus turned it giants world series a celebration. and emotional reunion in the coming of this kron 4 exclusive as they return from afghanistan. just in time for veterans day. and to just after the reelection. che facing-the fiscal cliff. >> san francisco police have made a third arrest in connection with the vandalism and arson of a muni bus. and during the giants world series celebrations. police say, this man a 24 year-old adam diaz of oakland was are reste
their taxes rise by nearly 50%! the impact on the recovering economy everybody believes is what would have happened to james bond to jamesskyfa'sky >> catherine heenan, kron 4. >>pam: kron 4 is just i justine waldman. >> solutions to keep america from falling off the fiscal cliff are not pretty. >> it would be really hard headed if they come to an agreement. >> the president and congress allowed a kron agreement to fall over by. >> with higher unemployment, the only positive if there is a positive here is that the deficit will go down. >> if there is no agreement it will just highlight the to functionality. >> we are so strong about or policies, individually but we do not care if we go into a recession rather that then a compromise cahow >> increasing taxes and making money saving changes. it is a tough reality. >> the fun days are over but nobody likes those changes but you have to do it. and it is time to get your finances in order. we have 53 days to figure it out. justine waldman, kron 4. >> we are asking what is the best way for president obama to avoid sending the country to physical
it be that the fortune 500 there are fewer than 20 ceos. if we want our economy to flourish and grow we must lift up women leadership in our economy. very important. women in the academic world. women and health care. any subject you could name is more wholesome more successful more efficient with the involvement of women. when women came to the polls last week they registered their support for those who understood the challenges that women face. it is really a remarkable thing. under the leadership of the women standing hear the voices of america's mothers daughters and grandmothers will be heard. women are the bread winners for our families in many cases. the small business owners and our communities. isn't that right. the workers that will spur our prosperity. they are holding jobs but they are also creating jobs as entrepreneurs and owners. we keep our focus on women's rights and health equal pay enjoys. we also know that women are focused on the same issues all of us are the economy, jobs, the future of the middle class and the economy of our country. they are concerned about fiscal soundness f
only by a fraction. >> the world's third largest economy, japan risks slipping into recession if its economy remains the same. and some economists are warning that scenario could looked increasingly likely. the gross domestic product fell 0.9% in the third quarter this marks the largest drop of japan's gross domestic product. since the earthquake tsunami disaster of 2011. also, there was some encouraging economy data coming out of china and the growth of the world's second-largest economy may be rebounding. the news agency, " xin-hua' ports that exports rose 11.5%. this pushes china's trade surplus up to $32 billion. these used homes you can see this explosion is very far reaching in this middle- class neighborhood and this house used to be there, used to be there, and now there is nothing left. people had to show identification to get into this indianapolis neighborhood. the owner says that she has not had any problems with performance -- that she said that she did have problems with her foreiand furnace. aunt that a high amount of gasoline was consumed in the area of the blast wrec
depot. fueling the dollar's and release some great numbers is this a good sign for the economy? >> basically the u.s. economy is not dead toward with millions of dollars in sales and the home around sales are going higher. realistic value is also increasing. for the last couple of quarters. as we all in our homes we're upgrading. if we go to hop home depo, this is good and no news and also working sandy helped. >> and also let us talk about apple. the stock up, down. , $705-$750. this year, it started at $400-and i also own shares of the company. i need to disclose that. companies like google, intel would to roll over those numbers and microsoft is done by 32 percent. and investing in those numbers comparison to the other numbers. it is just stunning. yes, they a bad management shake-up in the iphone 5 takes 2-3 weeks that is also not good. they needed to manufacture those faster you'll probably see an iphone 5 that is easier to manufacture sooner than later. >> we will continue to keep updated on debate. news >> the internet giant mcafee is wanting he is- wanted... area police
-time jobs which is great for the economy anywhere. even more in the seasonal and job front popping route that this is a first outlet mall that has been open and four california in 11 gear years. >> my daughters are looking for the coming to them all the of the market on the calendar. >> i love that i come back all the time of my friends. and not let key brands i really like their jeans and i will come back here and buy them then to go to the regular store. >> the city of livermore plunged pitch and $30 million for interest its infrastructure support. it will be between $68 million the year to bring in revenue which would be great. it opens at 10:00 this morning but the good news is it will stay open until midnight tonight and tomorrow night. >> with the economy in the way it is an evil struggling with the they are it was certainly a roll the dice of if you build it they will come. >> we're talking bloomingdale's and saks fifth avenue our money. people are saying they're hoping the people from seven cisco and tourists to come out and take glass buses and do their shopping out here. -- san
. and also, does obama want to compromise or work with the economy germany, china, greece. they have passed on the austerity cuts they're not getting the european union that funds they have been auctioning off funds. >> they need to start selling off some of those great monuments. is there any hope of grease stain in the european union? priests if staying--and decreasing just just not have the economy. and the country of is not have the staying power to stay in the european union. other countries follow suit, portugal, spain. >> let us take a look got the weather. >> good morning, darya is called right now by the it could be me. with w feet could-g this downtown san francisco it is--raining. concord san jose, 40's. it is a bit warmer than just 24 hours to go into continue with that warming trend. '70s. 70's for santa clara. '70s and los gatos. and 67 in fairfield. 68 in union city and a mild day with rain chance is to the north. 60s in petaluma. downtown san francisco at 65 degrees. 69 in oakland. the satellite and radar showing is what weather to the north of that will steer clear. we will
to 50%. the impact on the recovering the economy everyone agrees it will be like what happens to james bond in sky fog. kron 4 news. >> we will follow the latest developments on capitol hill as the approach the fiscal clip. san jose a quick live look traffic is fine. they have rain not too long ago it may still be falling. we will find out from erica. it is chilly 47 in san warning of only 256 this afternoon. 0ñ@Ñ we are back at 4:44 am. here's a look at different of cases throughout the sierra. snow is blanketing roadways and ski resorts. some think the amount of snow will bring an early ski season. most of the top hole resulorts will be opening up. now with the three day weekend coming up ski resorts are expecting big crowds. in a presleys' it was said they would reopen tomorrow after they have had enough time to make snow. resort officials say if that does not work they will open on sunday keep tabs on their website for the latest information. >> at4:45am. let's talk about the rain. >> be the good news is the wet weather is rotating out of their parent storm tracker 4 is lit up. y
could be affecting germany and our economy falling off the cliff -- off a cliff. >> a market climbs a wall of worry, and once we flushed out the positions built into the market ahead of the election we can probably see the market sort of the gradually rebuilding itself as we come closer and closer to the end of the year. >> he says if the divided congress of republicans and democrats can't come to a compromise, the stock market fears could become reality. >> it's not just talk anymore. it's either got to happen or we will go off that cliff. if we do, the fear is that it could be bad enough to trigger another recession. >> another recession is certainly unwanted by all. those from market watch tell me since 1900, whenever there's been a major sell-off after an election issues there's been fourth-quarter gains 74% of the time. that is some good news. j. r. julyan stone, kron4 news. >> big changes out there with cooler temperatures. as we head into tomorrow, rain will return and last into friday. possible thunderstorms out there near the coast. that will continue into friday as well. t
. >> reporter: the real estate economy is doing very well. although prices have gone up, interest rates are pushing sales along faster. david winkler says over the last year, there's been a 24% increase in sales. many are moving to nobe for a better deal. >> they saved about $12,000 a year in payment by living in emeryville and not san francisco. >> reporter: a house like this won't last long on the market. >>> change is coming to the forecast as we head into tomorrow. it doesn't look like they're going to see rain tomorrow. if we do, it'll be very late in the evening. but we're definitely going to see more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. the rain continues to move in friday morning, and another round of showers into saturday. and more rain expected later in the weekend. satellite and radar pictures showing some increasing cloud cover out there right now. the storm is it still sitting well down to the south. our storms come up from the north typically. but this is a rare instance. here it is. of you can also you can also see some subtropical moisture getting pulled into this. we're
to be increased just a bit from last year. with just a strong for our economy for a larger holiday travel increase. this is up just 0.7% from last year the national average has declined by 355 per gallon in the last one month. aaa is expected that gases could continue to decrease but thinks giving day could be $3.32 on thanksgiving day. his >> stocks have been positive. on wall street we can see the dow jones and the s&p 500 is also up. better than average expected with one issue early is that this deal that has been rescuing the economy. less certain. it has depressed the economy's future. and microsoft have even slep.... slipped with teh change of ceo... and tesla has received the motor trend car of the year. it is priced at 50,000-100,000. >> 8:27 we are taking a live look at the damage in daly city. the work that is being done with the construction crews trying to clean up these four blocks that has been flooded. with basically water, mud slide from this water main break. we will be back. they're clean homes evacuated. residences' also evacuated and homes have been evacuated (male announcer) l
will force the economy of the fiscal clif.. those concerns overshadowed positive reports on the weekly initial jobless numbers and a monthly trade balance. >> let us check the numbers with rob black joining us with the winners and losers. >> yes! >> let us start off with amazon with selling wine. >> it is difficult to get with businesses but not with amazon. they have been everything, and i love it. california will be able to order six bottles at $9.99. a great category amazon by something that is unique i trust them with my credit card, transactions, and i know what i am doing. >> it is amazing because initially online sales that was so difficult to convince people of the safety. >> and speaking of sales let us talk about starbucks. today, they are allowing you to pay with your cellphone and it is a company that they have invested in the third >> it is called square they are mobile payments. this woman gets paid instantly. as an example, she cuts my hair, and uses and in dongle with her smart phone the same with your smart phone the bar code will verify that you paid for an item. >> t
by doing a little bit more in taxes. however republicans are saying that it will hurt not help the economy. >> higher tax rates will not help solve the problem. and i think it is important for us to come to an agreement this is his opportunity to lead. >> we are serious about reducing the deficit we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> taxes are not the only thing they have to figure out on reducing spend spending osecurity and medicare and social security. >> coming up, this deadly overnight blast in indianapolis. and also the latest of super storm sandy recovering efforts. a take a look this is san francisco looking bright and cool. we will be back with your forecast..... ;x ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. >> welcome back to people are de
crisis could be affecting germany and talk of our economy falling off a physical cliff because of tax hikes in government spending cuts that are set to kick in next year. >> we could see the markets gradually rebuilding itself as we get closer and closer to the end of the year. as the divided congress cannot come to a compromise than the stock market check could become a reality. >> it is not just talk it is either going to happen we could go off that ---fiscal cliff.. it could trigger another recession. >> and since the year 1900 when there has been a major sell-off after the election there have been for a quarter gains 70% of the timing. that is some good news. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: rex ryan talks about the most overrated coach in the n f l and jim harbaugh on were the 49ers are for the midway of the season. all of your sports, coming up (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> running stop signs, riding on the sidewalk, for exactly 2 hours i walked around the web:san francisco. >> it is not as i always have to walk and watch to ma
are on edge that fears have gridlock in washington will force the economy of the fiscal cliff. those overshadowed some positive reports on the weekly initial jobless numbers and the monthly trade balance. store sales for the first time in nearly a decade. mcdonald's showing that sales dropped that has not happened since 2003. u.s. locations were hurt by a modest consumer demand and higher competition from the month of october. , africa and to the least. in also saw its decline in europe, south asia. and other locations internationally. pair of black friday will actually be if 8:00 p.m. thursday evening on wal- mart. new offers to be introduced at 10:00 p.m., with more discounts offered at 5:00 a.m. for the early risers. and wal-mart plans a separate sale online. president obama will address the nation tomorrow is urging lawmakers to head off the drastic budget cuts. huge tax hikes that will go into effect january 1st. catherine heenan will explain why this is the pouring of a new crisis. >> the fiscal cliff. >> the fiscal cliff. >> the physical plant. >> the looming fiscal cliff. , c
retail space. they're hoping that 2000 full-time jobs plus seasonal jobs will really help the economy out here. this is the first outlet mall that has been built in california and 11 years. this is gray is the tri valley area. my daughters are coming fattato the mall puffed if i really like lucky brand jeans death >> the about $30 million in infrastructure support and they're hoping to get about $6 million a year back and revenue. the good thing is the malls opened at 10:00 tonight and will stay open until midnight tonight and tomorrow night. you have plenty of time to get out here is are spending that money. >> it is a statement of the economic times isn't it? 11 years and no where in california they've been building an outlet mall until right now. that's pretty amazing. incredible the fact that people are ready to spend a mean that we're out of this economic slump. >> let's talk a little shopping and sears for black friday you do not have to wait till the day after thanksgiving anymore to get those deals. the retailer just announced that customers can shop online for the store's door bu
on should then we get almost 70 percent home on a chivalrous to the economy fall apart because the as-people should read what they are buying homes. >> in the 1960's a top tax bracket was 70 percent. bidding let's talk about facebook this morning. i'm watching facebook shares we thought they would plummet today. 700-800 million shares are out of the lockup. employes can sell them we thought with so many shares available the stock would plunge today. watching facebook is up 7.3%. this is one of the events that will get behind them. after they do the shares will come a lot more intriguing. retellings of coming out including michael corse says this is an important advertising. >> basically it is a trout, salmon swimming down the river. >> with facebook getting pass an event once they get past event it will become easy to become an investor. i'm looking between november and mid january at becoming an investor in facebook. >> a good lesson with the two not buy an ipo. >> and the restoration hardware bay area company went public in did pretty good on their ipo for about $10 per share. >> th
.europead that they are offical back in a recession. they stated that their economy is retracting. we also had a spike in weekly unemployment claims. it is up 78,000 mainly due to people in new york city falling for unemployment for the first time due to their offices being closed due to super storm sandy. the pace is slowing for foreclosures in the u.s.. the general trend across the united states is slowing in numbers. dow is down 30 points. >> three popular san francisco companies are in trouble. they have been fined $25,000 for operating without proper permits. these are the services and they were cited for violations for not have enough insurance and not enrolling their drivers and controlled substance and alcohol testing. states stated that they compare these to taxi services. right sure people stated that they are simply just helping people with cars connected with those who need a ride. they're also the target of a class action lawsuit that has been filed last week by a taxi driver who stated that the service is taking fares away from them. we wer >> do you know the car pool? they're picking people up an
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